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With UPC lookup feature you can just enter or scan UPC code (Universal Product Codes) and AltheaSuite will retrieve all the information of the product and auto-fill it with an image of the product as well.

Note: To work with UPC codes you will be required to have UPC code API Key. You can purchase the UPC API keys from following service providers.

  1.  It has a free plan that you can use for trial purposes.

Step 1: Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2: From main menu options navigate to Settings -> UPC Lookup

Step 3: Select the service provider from whom you have purchased the API key and enter the API key.

Step 4: Default Category: Select the item default category. System will assign the category selected here, if the item scanned is not in your system.

Step 5: Default Purchase Measuring Unit: Select item default purchase measuring unit

Step 6: Default Sales Measuring Unit: Select item default sales measuring unit

Step 7: Review your details and click Apply.

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