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Name Template formatting for QuickBooks data sync

Character length limitations and Formatting

AltheaSuite supports character length for various field names higher than what is supported in QuickBooks. If the field names entered in AltheaSuite exceed the maximum supported length from QuickBooks, then AltheaSuite formats the name based on the setting applied before sending it to QuickBooks.

The below screen shows there are 3 options to format the field names:

  • Clip in the Middle
  • Clip at the End
  • Clip from Front

This formatting will get applied only if the character length in AltheaSuite exceeds the maximum supported length of QuickBooks. This will be applicable to the Item Name, Customer Name, Supplier Name, Tax Name (Sales Tax Item Name), and Tax Structure Name (Tax Group Item Name).

The below link shows all the character limitations of QuickBooks in some of the fields:

Example: The maximum character length for the Customer Name field supported in QuickBooks is 41. If the customer name entered in AltheaSuite is more than 41 characters then it applies the formatting.

Customer Name in AltheaSuite: International Product Development Corporation

Setting: Clip in the Middle

Customer in QuickBooks: International Produ…lopment Corporation

This setting will consider the first 19 characters and last 19 characters from the customer name and will add 3 dots in the middle.

Setting: Clip at the End

Customer in QuickBooks: International Product Development Corpora

This setting will consider the first 41 characters (Left to Right) from the Customer name and truncates the characters after 41 characters.

Setting: Clip from Front

Customer in QuickBooks: rnational Product Development Corporation

This setting will consider the 41 characters (Right to Left) from the Customer name and truncates the characters after 41 characters.

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