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Your online store will automatically use your Althea settings for checkout and order fulfillment. Your products/Menu will automatically appear in your online store. All your inventory will updated in real time.

Your online store is automatically assigned a unique website address. This looks like your-store-name and it’s based on the store name that you entered when you signed up.

There are a few steps you should follow before launching to make sure your online store is ready for customers.

Online Shop Setup

From main menu options, select Settings

From System settings, select Online Shop

In Online Shop Settings enter the required details.

Online Shop Business Location:

Here we need to select your business location name which you are going to link with Online Shop.

Online Shop Cash Register:

Here you need to select the cash register which you want to associate with your Online Shop. All sales from the online shop will be recorded in the cash register selected here.

Online Shop Customer Code Prefix:
This will be the prefix for your eShop customer’s code. By default, it will be shown as ONLC. You can change it as per your requirement. 

Online Shop Customer Code Start Number:
This will be the starting number for your Shop customer’s code.

Payment Gateway use in Online Shop:
Select your payment gateway to receive payments for online orders.

To learn how to configure a payment gateway, please see the article Configuring Payment Gateway

Logo and Banners

Company Logo

Here you can add your Company/Shop logo.

Follow the steps to add business logo.

Click Online Shop Logo Setting.

This will bring you Online Shop Logo page.

By clicking on the plus button you can see a dialog appear where you can choose to upload the logo from your device and then accordingly arrange it using the Crop, Left, or Right buttons.

Ensure to click on the Apply button to save changes.

Online Shop Banners

Click on Banner Setting to add banner images.

Here you can upload banners for your Online Shop. The ideal size for banner images is 980x256px.
You can add up-to seven banners here. Make sure to click on Apply to save changes.

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