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Sometimes a customer comes into your store that doesn’t have a credit card you accept, or wants to run and grab a few more items. You can put the sale on hold and return to it later. To put a transaction on hold, follow the below steps

Step 1 : Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2 : From the main menu, navigate to Sales > Sales Invoices

Step 3 : Click on Create Invoice.

Step 4 : Add items to the sale. If you click on the item field, a drop-down list of your items will appear or you can type in the item’s name to find the desired item. You can also scan the SKU.

Step 5 : Click Hold. Invoice gets saved as Held status.

Pick Held Sales Invoice

From Sales Invoices manager (Sales > Sales Invoices), select the the Held invoice, click on context menu and select  Pick Invoice.

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