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Send Product details and Receipts from AltheaSuite to QuickBooks Desktop

This document will show you the steps to enable the settings in AltheaSuite to send product details and receipts to QuickBooks Desktop.

In this case, AltheaSuite will send the Purchase and Sales receipts along with the Product details and Tax list to the IIF file. The QuickBooks application in this case will calculate the COGS on its own based on the Purchase and Sales receipts that are imported from the IIF file.

Step 1: Go to the Settings module and click on the QuickBooks option.

Step 2: In the QuickBooks Settings window, select the radio button ‘Send Product detail and Sales Receipt to QB’.

Do not Send Purchases: When this is checked, the system will not send the Purchase documents to IIF. The supplier financial accounts are also not sent to IIF.

Default Alternate Account Name: While sending financial accounts to the IIF, the system considers the Alternate Account name from the Financial Account.

This setting will be applicable if you want to maintain a single financial account for Customers, Suppliers, Employees, and Taxes in QuickBooks. The system will consider the default alternate account name while creating the auto-generated financial accounts.

COGS account name for Inventory part: This is the name of the COGS account to be mapped in the QuickBooks. When the IIF file is imported into QuickBooks, the COGS will be calculated by the QuickBooks application based on the Purchase and Sales transactions from the IIF file.

Asset account name for Inventory part: This is the name of the Inventory Asset account to be mapped in the QuickBooks.

Click on the Save button to save the changes.

Step 3: To download the IIF file for Product details and Receipts, go to the Data for QB Desktop module under the System section.

Step 4: You will see 2 radio buttons to download data in the IIF file.

Download From Last Date

When this option is selected, data will be downloaded considering the last download date. For the first time, the Last Download Date will be blank and it will consider all the data that is present for the download.

Once the data is downloaded in the IIF file, a timestamp will be assigned to the Last Download Date. From then onwards, if you download the IIF file it will consider only the data that was created or modified after the last download date.

Download Between Date Range

In this option, you can select the date range within which you want to download the data. In this case, only the data that was created or modified within the date range selected will be downloaded in the IIF file.

While downloading the IIF file, the system will send the Item details, Customers, Suppliers, Taxes, and Financial accounts to QuickBooks.

Following are the documents of AltheaSuite that are mapped with QuickBooks.

Documents in AltheaSuite

Documents in QuickBooks Desktop



Purchase Returns


Sales Invoices (Cleared)

Sales Receipts

Sales Invoices (Credit)


Sales Returns

Credit Memo

Receive Payments


Journal Entries

Journal Entries

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