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Step 1 : Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2: Go to Settings > Serial Numbers.

Step 3: Mark the checkbox Ask for Serial Numbers in Stock Transfer.

Step 4: If you do not want the user to proceed further with Stock Transfer without entering Serial Number, mark the checkbox Item Serial Number is compulsory at the time of Stock Transfer. Else keep it unchecked and click Apply.

Step 5: Now go to Inventory > Stock Transfers and click New Stock Transfer.

Step 6: Select the From Warehouse and To Warehouse to transfer the stock.

Step 7: Enter the SKU of the product by manually typing it or by scanning.

If you do not know SKU you can also select the Item by its name. Item name can be selected by directly typing it, by clicking on down arrow with few item selections or by clicking on the three-dotted button which will show all items as well as allow creating a new one.

Step 8: Change Item Transfer Quantity if required.

Step 9: Click Save or Save & Print.

Step 10: Add Serial Numbers window will open, you can Select Serial Number by typing the Serial Number, clicking on drop down or 3 dotted option.

Step 11: You can also type or scan the Serial Number for each quantity and click Save.

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