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Supplier Product Code and its use in AltheaSuite

Many Suppliers have their own code for each product. AltheaSuite provides an option to manage separate product code for each Supplier for an item.

Step 1 :  Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2 :  From main menu options navigate to Products -> Items.

Step 3 : Add a new item or Modify an existing item. Here we are modifying an existing item so select the item, click on context menu (3 dotted button) and select Modify.

Step 4 : The SKU of this product is T00014.

Step 5 : Scroll down and click Supplier Product Code.

Step 6 : Click on New.

Step 7: Select the Supplier for whom you want to add the Product Code.

Step 8: Enter the Product Code of the selected Supplier.

Step 9: If required you can enter Minimum Order Quantity and Required to Order in multiples of. These are optional fields.

Step 10: Similarly you can enter Product Codes for other Suppliers.

Step 11: Cancel the screen and click on Update to complete the Item modification.

Use of Supplier Product Code

Supplier Product Codes will be useful while generating a Purchase Order for specific Suppliers. This will help the Suppliers to identify the product easily. Let us go through below steps to understand better.

Step 1: From the main menu options go to Purchases and select Purchase Orders.

Step 2: Click New to create a new Purchase Order.

Step 3: Select the Supplier for whom you have added Product Code earlier. And select the Warehouse from where you are raising the Purchase Order.

Step 4: Enter or Scan the item SKU. You can also select the item by its name by clicking on drop down list, typing the name or by clicking on 3 dotted button.

Step 5: Now you will notice, even though item SKU was scanned it is showing Supplier Product Code in SKU field. 

Step 6: Do the required changes and Save the Purchase Order.

Note: When you send this Purchase Order to Supplier it will be easy for them to identify the product as it is showing their Product Code.

Also when Purchase Order is converted to Purchase it will show Item SKU in Purchase.

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