Construction and Engineering

AltheaSuite helps you manage your inventory, Quotes, Orders, Picking, Packing and Dispatch

  • Cloud-based business management software, AltheaSuite, offers all the modules and functionalities that your business would need to grow fast.
  • AltheaSuite works on all modern web browsers. Its intuitive user interface adapts to all screen sizes
  • Althea Suite is highly scalable and will grow with your business needs. You can start with only a few modules and add on all the other powerful modules to your subscription as you grow your business.
  • AltheaSuite is capable of providing the reports and charts in the way you want and that too in a proactive automated fashion.
  • AltheaSuite is capable of handling ALL of your business processes. Plus, we add development efforts in it to fit it perfectly for your business and in the way you do your business.

For your Manufacturing Unit

  • Specify a multi-level bill of material for the items you manufacture.
  • Create multi-level manufacturing documents that will manage your finished products, assemblies, and raw material stock appropriately
  • You can also dismantle manufactured products into its BOM.
  • Using the Bill of material AltheaSuite inventory management system can also tell you what raw material you may require to procure in order to fulfill certain orders of your finished products.
  • AltheaSuite smartly assigns your product a batch number or serial number at the time of manufacturing.
  • Add the cost of your labor, packaging, shipping, or other fees into the cost of your goods at the time you define your Bill of Material.
  • AltheaSuite offers multiple costing methods and multiple reports to help you with all your costing and inventory evaluation needs. 

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