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Althea's simple UI will shorten the learning curve for new users. Althea was designed in a way that is easy to get the hang of, with more complex features there when you are ready.


Althea's features include Inventory Management, Employee Management, BOM, Delivery management, Order Management, Schedulers, Service Management, ,and of course our User Friendly POS software.

Cost Effective

Althea comes in far below the price point of the competition for the same features. Althea is a cost-effective way to get all your functionality and management tools in one place.


Since AltheaSuite was built as an all-in-one solution, you will find it much easier to navigate and manage than other POS solutions. We take a holistic approach to UX and have made it a focus of our products.

Accurate Reports

Accuracy in reporting is essential for a business to function properly. Althea has proven themselves as a more reliable, accurate, and capable reporting tool than the competition.


Without a product like Althea, business owners would have to use 3 or 4 different products to achieve the same amount of functionality. It's not just the amount of products they previously needed, but also about the difficulty in integrating them, managing them, and also paying for them. We solve that problem by offering an affordable suite of features at a discount.

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