Why would a business
require AltheaSuite?

Cloud based ERP with comprehensive inventory management, order management, manufacturing and Point of Sale

Single solution with no complications

Single Solution

Business owners need an affordable, easy to use, single software solution that will manage everything from procurement to delivery 

Core Architecture

AltheaSuite architecture is built with core code that is developed inhouse without any dependency on third party libraries. Its unique design provides tremendous flexibility and allows rapid development of new features and functionalities.

Focus on User Experience

User experience and workflows are developed with a user feedback. This approach has made AltheaSuite very easy to use. We address real life problems and provide solutions that are admired by our customers.

Better Insights

AltheaSuite provides comprehensive business analytics tools to help businesses grow with its advanced reports, drill down data analytics

Experienced Team

Most of the current development team has been with the current code base since its inception. The operational environment for AltheaSuite is in Amazon Web Services cloud which is reliable and secure. We provide simple solutions for complex problems.


AltheaSuite is based on Microsoft SQL server and Microsoft IIS that are robust and scalable industry standard products well suited for enterprise level businesses as well as small retailers.

AltheaSuite for a Better Inventory Management

Helps you keep your Customers Coming Back

Ease of use and Branding

Are you facing any of these challenges?

  • Absence of a reliable comprehensive single software solution
  • Too much manual work and too many different software to jump in and out of with multiple data entry
  • Loss of business or stunted growth due to lack of information and inefficiencies
  • Need of larger teams due to lack of automations
  • Low customer satisfaction due to delays in deliveries and due to lack of proper customer information management
  • Current system’s inability to adapt to changing business needs
  • Need to manage and own personal technology infrastructure and limited access when away from work

If so, we are the right fit for you.

AltheaSuite was developed to step in and streamline your business workflow and processes. Giving you a peace of mind.

Custom ERP Solutions for your Retail

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Instead of building a one-size-fits-all ERP and making you pay an exorbitant amount for solutions and integrations you don’t need, Althea’s developers work with you

Affordable solutions

Althea’s solutions are affordable and scaled to fit your business needs. You pay only for service that you need.

Fast setup

The time for development, even with the customized solutions, is much faster than rival ERP service providers.

Free Trial

You can test-drive this mega ERP business solution management machine before you commit to any long-term agreement.