Why would a business
require AltheaSuite?

AltheaSuite - a cloud based solution which has evolved from 8 years of customer feedback.
All your business needs packed into one customizable solution!

Business Owners and Employees Need a Centralized Tool

  • Cloud-based application
  • All information in a single application
  • Granular access control
  • Detailed data audits, and alerts
  • Manage employee commissions, Contract payments
  • Althea Suite will handle business at multiple locations, multiple states, multiple countries and in multiple currencies

Businesses Need Customers To Keep Coming Back

  • Loyalty Points programs
  • Offer package deals
  • Gift cards
  • Calendar interface to book appointments
  • Professional Ecommerce website
  • And many more things with just one application

Every Business Needs Brand Recognition

  • Text messaging
  • Customized Invoices 
  • Dedicated smartphone Apps
  • Discount coupons with branding
  • Barcode products, branded stickers
  • Customized Shipment packaging

Have the data on your fingertips

  • Business performance reports
  • Create the reports you want
  • Have the reports in your inbox on a schedule
  • Get notified when something needs reordering
  • Get reminded of due payments
  • Send auto-reminders to customers on pending payments

Grow Your Business with Althea Suite

It is surprising to hear from many of our old customers when they say things like,

“I did not realize how crucial the software system was for my business growth”

Althea gives you critical data analysis to help you make the right decisions and to grow. Track every penny, follow every lead.

The Best Part is the customization

  • Every Business Type has special business needs
  • Business owners have specific needs and ideas
  • Customization in software for specific business need is what may define the final success

Althea Suite will go that last mile and make sure that it fits perfectly for the business


Custom ERP Solutions for your Retail

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Instead of building a one-size-fits-all ERP and making you pay an exorbitant amount for solutions and integrations you don’t need, Althea’s developers work with you

Affordable solutions

Althea’s solutions are affordable and scaled to fit your business needs. You pay only for service that you need.

Fast setup

The time for development, even with the customized solutions, is much faster than rival ERP service providers.

Free Trial

You can test-drive this mega ERP business solution management machine before you commit to any long-term agreement.  

If you can Think it, We can Build it

We deliver the Software You need, no more, no less

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