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Customer testimonials about AltheaSuite

I have had a great experience so far. We use barcoding, Inventory tracking, sales. This program has made it easier for us. It seems like anything is possible with AltheaSuite. The price is much better and they worked on personalizing this software to our business needs.
AltheaSuite is a great asset to our company. It has been wonderful in helping us manage inventory for our warehouse. We use Althea for our cabinet inventory. The customer support is always amazing. Their team goes above and beyond to make sure we are satisfied with the product.
I am extremely pleased with the AltheaSuite and very impressed with the level of professionalism, receptiveness, product knowledge, help, and understanding that the team has provided. They have truly provided a great product and an outstanding service to date and I am happy to recommend them to everyone.
Dr.Nic.J.Brownless CText FTI
Chief Operating Officer, Eeonyx Corp

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Why did we build AltheaSuite?

Analysis of and easy access to your business data plays a major role in the success of your business. Quality data is the commodity the business has to accumulate over a period of time. The real-life challenge is in collecting and accessing this data. You may find many applications out there that attempt to fulfill the business data collection needs but only partially and leave large gaps between different aspects of the business and are difficult to operate.

We built a cloud-based inventory management system, AltheaSuite, to address these gaps and provided a much-needed flexible inventory management solution for businesses of all sizes and verticals. You will be able to collect data from your various business activities such as sales, purchases, orders using your mobile phone or your choice of the computer device. You will also be able to generate and view various reports on your mobile devices and query any part of your business. It is like having your most trusted business associate who has all the right answers to your questions at all times, walking with you!

The AltheaSuite Advantage

1. The Technology

Browser based application and operating on cloud. Just these two things to start with have a great advantage over older classical applications. The cloud hosted solution completely frees you from having to manager your own computers and mainly the back ups. Plus with cloud you can reach your application from anywhere. You a continue your work even from an airport lounge! 

The second part of it being a browser based application is equally advantageous, as you can work with your business data from any device. No more clunky installs, checking which operating system etc.

The AltheaSuite advantage is that it is 100% smartphone  compatible. Many other applications will give you an “app” to do some limited functionality on your mobile phone as an attempt to catch up to the current technology, but with AltheaSuite being built on new responsive design from ground up, you have the entire ERP application available on your mobile phone at all times! It really does not matter to our application if you are using a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone!


2. The Design

We are currently living in a browser driven technology world and almost every application we use is either already running in a browser or going to be available in browser soon.

But developing a browser based application presents new challenge to the developer, that is to create a good and useful design. Brower offers a lot of freedom to the designer, too much freedom in fact! With a blank canvas at hand, if the designers do not think about the usability of the application, they can land up with a interface that is not very useful. I am sure all of us have landed up trying to figure out how to work through a browser based application. Its menu options seem to be all over the place without much consistency.

The AltheaSuite advantage is its clean design. It is no surprise that, the most common first complement we get in our demos is about our UI (user interface). When people have already looked at a few other inventory management application and after that when they see our application, they immediately notice our intuitive design and ease of use. 

3. The Searching and Reporting Capability

One of the main reasons modern businesses needs to use computers to run their businesses is the shear amount of data. Initially, when the business data needs are small, everyone tries to manage the business using paper pen or separate spreadsheet files, and with effort, manage to note down things and accumulate data, but eventually find themselves pulling their hair out when they try to search for some specific information or when they try to corelate some specific data.  That is when they need a good software solution that provides is a powerful searching capability and answers to all their questions.

You will find many inventory management applications out there that are doing an acceptable job of collecting data at data entry points but severely lacking in data searching, data  presentation and  are very limiting in their reporting capabilities. 

The AltheaSuite advantage is its powerful and intuitive searching and filtering capabilities. You can also fine tune the searching further if you want and also have multiple sort orders in all tabular data! Moreover, you will be able to export the result set of your searches into spreadsheets that are compatible with popular spreadsheet programs. There are no limitations to the reports you can generate. We have the strongest reporting capabilities.


4. The Implementation

We have implemented AltheaSuite to be much more than just an inventory management.  application. It is built to provide a single solution for everything you need to do while running your business. We listen and study our clients business processes and working habits and implement the features in a way they are useful. 

Yes, you will probably find more or less same feature list on many inventory management solution provider websites but the difference is in the depth and how they are implemented. 

The AltheaSuite advantage is that, it dose not ask you to change the way you run your business to suite the software, but we give you the most efficient way to do the same things you do now but with software. Also because AltheaSuite is built on the collective experience of its users and their feedback, you can be assured that you will find it practical and easy to use. You also get an insight on how other businesses use our features and benefit from that. There is a lot of flexibility we provide by customization through various settings to accommodate all our needs. 

You read about how AltheaSuite is successfully implemented in our case studies of businesses in various verticals.

Advanced Inventory Management Software for Business Growth

Single Solution for your Business
  • Cloud-based business management software, AltheaSuite, offers all the modules and functionalities that your business would need to grow fast.
  • Works on all modern web browsers
  • AltheaSuite will handle business at multiple locations, multiple states, multiple countries, and in multiple currencies.
  • AltheaSuite is capable of handling ALL of your business processes. Plus, we add development efforts in it to fit it perfectly for your business and in the way you do your business.
Inventory Management
  • Real-time update of your Inventory.
  • Easily create various custom fields that allow multiple views of the same catalog
  • Robust searching capabilities
  • Import and export data via Excel
  • Support for one or more images per SKU
  • Detailed view of the stock ledger for each SKU to track down stock discrepancies.
  • Any Windows/Android/iOS based handheld device can be used for stock audits.
  • Track inventory at multiple locations, warehouses, trucks. 
  • Easy transfer of stock between your warehouses.
  • Assign locations to your products.
  • Track stock in-transit
  • Get a consolidated Stock value for all warehouses.
Inventory Flow
  • AltheaSuite can track the flow of inventory as items go from one stage of production to the next.
  • Create stock transfers, stock transfer requests using your smartphones.
  • Designate separate rooms as warehouses for manufacturing jobs.
  • Scan product barcodes to move inventory.
Work Order Management
  • Create manufacturing orders for all kinds of manufacturing jobs, such as assembly, disassembly, replacement, repair, and custom.
  • Check stock availability from the order screen for easy planning.
  • Create a Manufacturing request.
  • Pick, pack, generate invoices, and ship products.
Planning and Scheduling
  • Easily coordinate the materials you need for production and schedule your operations to ensure on-time delivery.
  • Create stock transfer and purchase requests from the order screen for fulfillment.
Serial Numbers
  • Assign serial numbers to your items at the time of purchase, sales and Stock transfer.
  • Track what label numbers were sold to which customers and view item labels that are available in each of the warehouses.
Barcode Stickers
  • Design and print stickers for your raw material manufactured, finished product, or sub-assemblies.
  • Print stickers of various sizes and custom designs.
  • Print stickers on zebra printer, brother printer, or any laser printer.
  • Scan your products and move inventory.
  • Custom Fields for customers, customer notes.
  • Manage customer loyalty.
  • Define schemes and promotions.
  • Customer groups, multiple price-lists.
Delivery Management
  • In-depth Delivery and Pickup Management
  • Delivery Area creation through Map Drawing, Zip Code Mapping or City-State selection
  • Assign Delivery, Pickup Slots and Define Delivery Charges
  • SMS/Email Notifications to Drivers based on assigned Trips
  • In-built Web-based Map Tracking through Google Maps
  • Trip Estimated Time, Avg Stoppage Time and Distance Management
  • Route Optimization and Previous Route History Management
  • Customer Signature Capture with Attachments and Additional Notes
Reorder Levels
  • Define your Re-order rules.
  • Set min stock levels, reorder quantity, lead time.
  • AltheaSuite will suggest purchase orders to be generated based on items that are running low on inventory.
  • Reorder as per preferred vendors.
Lot Numbers
  • Manage lot numbers/batch numbers for your products.
  • Get a consolidated and batch-wise breakup of your inventory.
  • Use manual or auto batch while manufacturing.
  • Manage your lot expiry dates.
Point of Sale
  • Althea offers robust POS terminal capabilities
  • Manage separate cash register sessions for employee shifts,
  • Add/remove money from the cash register by authorized users at any time, and end shifts with comprehensive closing reports.
  • Clock in & out logs for employees
  • Easy to use, granular user role management
  • End of the shift reports for cash registers
  • Althea is environment-friendly and can provide electronic invoices/receipts instead of printing if desired.
  • Create Custom Events or Projects
  • Interlinkage with E-commerce to book Events Online
  • Multiple Modes of Payment and Integration with Payment Partners
  • Event Ticket Management
  • SMS/Email Integration 
  • Customer Data export to be used for Bulk Marketing Campaigns
  • Create custom tax rules.
  • Supports complex sales tax.
  • Get DOR reports for Tax filing.
  • Integrated with ShipStation to ship with FedEx, UPS, USPS.
  • Integrated with UPS
  • Check rates and schedules from multiple carriers.
  • Print your shipping labels.
Quick-Books Integration
  • Integrated with QuickBooks Online 
  • Integrated with QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Export products, customers, sales, fiance, payments, receivables and vendor records to Quickbooks.
Financial Accounting
  • Maintain accounting books and ledgers.
  • Record your day-to-day expense.
  • Generate Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss reports 
  • Employee clock in -clock out.
  • Create granular access rights.
  • Keep track of employee sales and commissions.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • P & L reports at various levels
  • Various reports related to item catalogs, sales, and inventory
  • Ability to create new reports on the fly with our report designer
  • Support for importing and exporting data via Microsoft Excel

Upgrading to the latest technology is the need of the time and is a must to stay ahead of the competition

Cloud based solution

This fully hosted cloud ERP solution with 100% smartphone compatibility, will give you the flexibility you need without any infrastructure management hassles.

Our Strengths

Partnering with AltheaSuite, an innovation centric technology company, for your business management solution will help you take advantage of what technology has to offer in recent times.


With a rich list of modules and features to choose from, AltheaSuite will grow with you. You can add more modules in your implementation as you require over the time.

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AltheaSuite is an innovative, modular, cloud based ERP solution that will work on your PC/MAC and smart phone with all its features.

Custom Solution

We understand every business has some specific requirements besides the usual and with our state of the art infrastructure, we take pride in accommodating those & implementing a solution that will work best for you.

Accept Payments

AltheaSuite works with leading merchant providers globally, so you can choose the best way to accept payments in your store.

Excellent Customer Support

We provide excellent customer support and have extensive product documentation to help you get up and running. Reach us via phone call, email, online live chat.

AltheaSuite is modular and a great fit for businesses of all types and sizes

Our strength is in understanding your business process and providing a very quick and perfect solution


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