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AltheaSuite Integration With UPS

AltheaSuite supports direct integration with UPS shipping. This integration allows users to process UPS shipments directly from AltheaSuite.

Follow the below steps for UPS integration.

Note: Before you set up the integration, make sure you have an active account with UPS.

Step 1 : Go to Settings and select Integrated Shipping

 Step 2 : Select the radio button Use UPS. Fill up all the necessary details . (Login to your UPS account to get the API and Access key).

Step 3: Click the Apply button to successfully integrate with UPS

Step 4: By default your Sales invoices will not consider Shipping charges. So to activate this option, go to Settings → Invoice Settings.

Step 4 : Mark the checkboxes Enable shipping charges in Invoice. Click Apply.

Step 5 : Make sure your Business Location and Customer has a valid address added.

Step 6 : Go to SalesSales Invoices and click on + Create Invoice.

Step 7 : Select the Customer. You can select the Shipping Address of Customer or mark the checkbox Use Billing Address as Shipping Address if Billing and Shipping Address is same.

Step 8 : Select the Item which you want to sell. You can also scan the SKU. Select the Quantity being sold and click on Pay Now.

Step 9 : In Payment window, Click Shipping link button.

Step 10 : Click Validate Address to check if the customer shipping address is valid.

Step 11 : Service -> List of all UPS services that are available.

Step 12: Select the Service and Package Type of Shipping service used. Also enter the package weight.

 Step 13 : If you do not want to go with Predefined Package Size select the radio button Custom and enter item size.

Step 14 : Click Check Price to get shipping cost for the selected service and package.

 Step 15 : This will display shipping cost for selected package and service.