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Configuring Payment Gateway

Althea Suite supports Square, PayPal, Stripe, PayU money, and  payment gateways by default. Follow the steps to configure your payment gateway.

Note: Depending on your payment processor, you need the POS credentials below. You can get them from your payment processor account or by contacting your payment processor.

  • Square – ( Location id and Authorization id)
  • PayPal – ( Email Id registered with PayPal)
  • Stripe – ( Email Id registered with Stripe)
  • – ( API login id and Transaction Key)

Login to your AltheaSuite account.

From the main menu, go to Settings

From Settings select Payment Gateway.

From the Gateway drop-down list, select your payment processor.

In the Gateway Credentials, enter the POS credentials you received from your payment processor.

Payment Gateway settings

Click Create to configure your payment gateway.


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