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Loaners can impact your business in many positive ways leading to higher revenues as customers with Loaner is more likely to approve additional service work. AltheaSuite provides an option to set up Loaners that you can lend to customers to replace service items while they are in service.

Create New Loaner

Step 1 : Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2: Create items in AltheaSuite that you can want to issue as a Loaner. Refer to our article How to add new item.

Step 3 : Add stock for these items.

Step 4 : Go to Services from the main menu and select Loaners. To create a new Loaner click on + New Loaner.

Step 5 : Select the Warehouse where the Loaner item’s stock is available.

Step 6 : Every issued Loaner will have an auto-generated Code. You can also click on this field and enter a different Code.

Step 7 : Enter the Item name you want to convert to a Loaner. If the selected item has a serial number, a field Serial Number will come up. Click on the drop-down list or directly enter the serial number of the item which will be used as a Loaner.

Step 8 : Select the Status. You can click on the 3 dotted button and create few Status. This is an optional field. Click on Create.

Note : Once the Loaner is created, the item stock will be reduced from the selected warehouse.

Issue Loaner to Customer

Step 1 : Go to Service Documents and click on +New to create a new document.

Step 2 : While creating the Service Document there is an option Loaners. Click on Issue Loaner.

Step 3 : Select the Loaner. Serial Number of the selected Loaner will show up (only if the item has a serial number). Enter the Note if required, it is an optional field, Click on Issue.

Step 4 : Click on Create button to create the Service Document.

Receive Loaner from Customer

Step 1: Go to Services > Loaners. Search the Loaner by Code, Customer name, or any other field, click on the context menu and select Receive.

Step 2 : Enter the Note if required and click on Receive. Note is an optional field.

Step 3 : Once the Loaner is received back, Is Available column will show value as Yes. It means the Loaner is available to issue to any other customer.

Show History of Loaner

Step 1 : Go to Services > Loaners. Click on the context menu of the selected Loaner and click on Show History.

Step 2 : Loaner History Manager screen will open. Details like Loaner Issue Date, Duration, Customer Name, Loaner Issued By, Loaner Received By, Loaner Issue Notes, Received Date, and Receipt Notes will be visible.

Received Date and Receipt Notes will be blank if the Customer has not returned the Loaner yet.

Note: To change the Status and Warehouse of a Loaner you can click on the context menu. The Loaner should be Available to change the status and warehouse.

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