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A combo meal typically includes a combination of items in it. However, before creating a combo meal, we will have to create each of the combo meal groups. The hierarchy of a combo meal: Combo Meal -> Combo Meal Group -> Items.

Adding Combo Groups

First, we will need to create a number of combo meal groups and specify what item is in it.

Step 1: Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2: From Main Menu option, go to Products -> Combo Groups

Step 3: Click on the + Add New Group button on the top to add a new one.

Step 4: Enter the combo group name. We will name it as ‘Veg Pizza Choice’ in this case.

Step 5: Enter the minimum and maximum quantity. While creating the group, it is very important to mention the minimum and maximum quantity. It allows customers to choose the items from the combo group.

Step 6: Click Create.

You would need to repeat the above steps in order to create a number of combo meal group.

Adding items combo group

Click on Add Item to Group.

Select the item you would like to include in this combo meal group.

By default, all items have no additional price, specify in the additional price column if it is required.

Click on Add to add an item to the group.

You would need to repeat the above steps in order to add items to the combo group.
As you can see in the screenshot below, we have created ‘Pizza Choice’, ‘Drinks Choice’, and ‘Sides’.

Adding Combo Item

To create the actual combo, we have to do it under Products –> Add Item

Click on + New and make sure you mark the item as Is Combo. To update the existing item, select the item and click three-dotted to modify.

The process of creating a combo is the same as the item, however, it is compulsory to assign a combo meal group for it.

Click on Set Combo.

Choose a combo group to be under this combo. Select a combo group from the Available Combo Group section and click on the Right Arrow button to add the combo group.

To remove a combo group, select the combo group from the Selected Combo Group section and click on the Left Arrow button to remove.

As you can see, we have added ‘Pizza Choice’, ‘Drinks Choice’, and ‘Sides’.

Click on Save button to finish combo definition.

Now specify the price and other details as required for this combo item and Save


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