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Shopify is a platform that allows users to start an E-Commerce Website. And Shopify can be integrated with AltheaSuite to manage the orders.

To initiate the integration process you need to have a Shopify Account.

Step 1: Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2 : Go to SettingsGeneral Settings

Step 3 : Mark the checkbox Enable Shopify and click on Save.

Step 4 : Logout and Login back to your Althea account.

Step 5 : Go to Settings → Shopify


 Step 6 : Enter Host URL (API Base Url), API Key and Password. Click on Save.


 Host URL is your Shopify Website URL. To get API Key and Password, login to your Shopify account. Go to your Stores Apps and click on Manage private apps.Click on Create new private app. Enter the App Details, give Admin API Permissions to all the required options and Save. You will get a confirmation message, click on Create app

Step 7 : Click on Shopify again and click on Configure Webhook. You will get a message Webhook configured successfully.


 Step 8 : Click on Upload Data. AltheaSuite sends Item (Item Name and Description, item primary image as well as additional images, weight, item custom fields), Stock and Customer information to Shopify. 

If there are any errors you will get the details in the Error Trace section. Rectify it and start the Upload again.

Step 9 : Go to your Shopify Website and place an order. Your order details will be updated in AltheaSuite immediately.Tax and Shipping charges are considered as per the configuration done on Shopify.




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