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Define Tax List In AltheaSuite

Step 1: Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2: From the main menu options go to Sales > Tax Lists.

Step 3: Click New Tax List.

Step 4: Enter the Tax List Name.

Step 5: Enter From Zipcode and To Zipcode. You can also enter multiple Zipcodes separated by comma. From Zipcode is the Business Location’s Zipcode and To Zipcode is the Customer’s Zipcode.

Step 6: Similar to Zipcode, you can also add Tax List for County, State, City and Country.

Step 7: Enter the Shipping Tax, if applicable for the Tax List and click Create.

Step 8: Select the Tax List name and click New Tax List Item.

Step 9: Select the Tax Category. You can also click on 3 dotted button to create a new Tax Category. 

Step 10: Select the Tax Structure and click Create. To know how Tax Structures are created click on Creating Tax Structure .

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