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Configuring Invoice Email Format

In order for your customers to receive email notification as soon as they placed an order on your website, you need to configure email in Althea Suite. You can then automatically send email notifications to your customers.

To configure the email notification to send on placing an order in the online shop, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Add your Email Account

Login to your AltheaSuite account.

From the main menu , go to Settings

Select Email Accounts.

Click +New

On the NewEmail Account page, specify the information on the fields.


Email Account Page

Account Name: Here enter your account name (ex:  Invoice Mail, Payment Link Mail, Supplier Mail, etc)

  • From Name: Enter the name you want to show when you send email notifications

  • From Email Address: Enter your email address.

  • From Email Account Login id: Enter the email id to send invoice notifications.

  • From Email Account Password: Enter your email password.

  • Select I am using a Gmail account to send emails if you have Gmail account

Select I am NOT using a Gmail account to send emails if have an email account other than the Gmail account.

-> Check on the box ‘This server requires an encrypted connection(SSL)’

-> Now enter the Outgoing Mail Server SMTP of the type of email account you have.
For example:
For Outlook use:
For Yahoo use:

-> The ‘Outgoing server Port number (SMTP)’ will automatically populate as ‘587’

Click Create to add your account

Step 2: Setup Email Format

From Main menu option, select Locations Business Locations

Select Business location to configure email format and click on three-dotted button [:]

From the menu options select Email Format.

On the Email Format page, specify the information on the fields.


Invoice email format

  • Email For:From the drop-down list select Sales Invoice Email.
  • PDF Attachment:You can
  • Attachment Name: Enter the name of the attachment
  • Email Account: Select the email account. This email account will serve as the default email account which will send the order notification/confirmation report to the customers who placed orders.
  • Subject: Enter the subject line
  • Body: You can customize your email body. You can put a dynamic data field in your email. These fields use real data from the invoice, like the customer name, invoice number, store name, store address, to fill out the field.

Dynamic data fields

[CustomerName] This field will display customer name from the order

[InvoiceNumber] This field will display the Invoice number. For example Your order numberthis will return something like à your order number Inv: 000001

[BusinessLocationName] This will display your store name

[BusinessLocationAddress1] and [BusinessLocationAddress2]: Displays your store address

Click Save and Close the page.

Note: If you facing a problem on sending emails from Althea Suite,

  1. Go to your Google Account
  2. On the left navigation panel, click Security.
  3. On the bottom of the page, in the less secure app access panel, click Turn on access.
  4. Turn on Allow Less Secured Apps.

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