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How to set Loyalty Points

In AltheaSuite you can add Loyalty points settings. Business owners run loyalty programs to encourage clients to continue shopping and enjoy some benefits.
Step 1 :  Login to your AltheaSuite account.
Step 2 : Navigate to Settings > Loyalty Points.
Step 3: . If you are doing loyalty points settings for the first time, you will see the below message. Click on Yes.

Step 4: You will see the Loyalty Redemption Setting screen.

Loyalty Points are equal to 1 Store Credit: Enter a number for loyalty points which you want to give as equal to 1 Store Credit.

Minimum Loyalty Points to Redeem: Enter the minimum number of loyalty points you want to keep for redemption of Loyalty Points.

Loyalty Points Have Expiration Date checkbox: If you want to give expiry date for loyalty points, mark this checkbox.

Loyalty Points Expire After Days: Enter the number of days after which loyalty points will expire. This field will be enabled only when you check the checkbox Loyalty Points Have Expiration Date.

Click on Update.

Step 5: You will see the following message, click on Yes.

Step 6: This will bring the below screen of Add New Loyalty Setting.

Loyalty Setting Name: Enter any Name for Loyalty Setting.

Preference Weightage: If there are more than one loyalty settings for same date range, the setting with highest weightage will be given preference.

Start Date: This is the date from which the loyalty setting will be applicable

End Date: This is the date till which the loyalty setting will be applicable. Once the Loyalty End Period is reached the Loyalty settings will no longer be applicable.

Is Default Setting: If a Loyalty setting is set as Is Default Setting then this loyalty setting will be applicable to any invoice made for customers who are enrolled for loyalty points, provided there is no other active loyalty setting running at that given point of time.

Is Active: This option will be checked by default. Unchecking this will make the selected loyalty setting inactive.

Use for a Customer Group: If this Loyalty Setting is applicable to any specific customer group, mark this checkbox and select the Customer Group.

Referral Points: These are the points that will be applied to the customer who has referred the new customer to enroll for the loyalty program.

Loyalty Points Invoice Range: In this section define how the loyalty points should apply to the customer

Invoice Amount Exceeding: Enter the invoice amount after which the loyalty points are applied.

Conversion Factor: Enter the conversion factor which is used to calculate the number of loyalty points that will be given to customer depending on the invoice amount. Loyalty points = Invoice amount * Conversion factor.

For example, if conversion factor is 0.01 and invoice amount is $100 loyalty points will be 1.

If you want to give different loyalty points for invoice range, you can define by clicking on the + button.

Loyalty Point Flat Range: This is the additional points the customer will get if the invoice amount exceeds a given value. The points mentioned here will be added to the points received as per the definition in Loyalty Points Invoice Range.

Click on Create.

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