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Before you start adding products, we recommend setting your tax rates up (if applicable). In Althea, you can enter the default tax rate to be applied to all taxable items, or set up multiple taxes and apply tax to the individual items.

Default Tax Rate

Follow the below steps to set up the default tax structure to be applied to all items. Tax structures are used when multiple taxes are applicable for single item or whole invoice.

Step 1 : Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2 : From the main menu option, select Locations > Business Location.

Step 3 : Click on the context menu (three dotted button) and select Modify.

Step 4 : In Default Item Tax section, click three dotted button […].

Step 5 : This will open Tax Manager screen as shown below.

Step 6 : Click on + New Tax Structure button, to add new tax structure.

Step 7 : If the setting to support advance tax structure is not enabled you will get a confirmation message, click Yes.

Step 8 : Enter the Tax Structure Name and Description. Description is optional here.

Step 9 : By default you will see an option to apply tax on Basic Price After Discount.

Step 10 : If you want to apply tax on Basic Price Before Discount, mark the checkbox Show Advance Options.

Step 11 : Click on + New to add the first tax under this tax structure.

Step 12 : Select the first tax if already created. Else click on three dotted button and add a new tax (Refer to add new tax rate)

Step 13 : Enter the Calculation Base and click on Create.

Note: Calculation Base will be A if tax is applied on basic price after discount. And Calculation Base will be Y if tax is applied on Basic price before discount.

Step 14 : Click on +New again to add the second tax in this tax structure. Select all the required fields and click on OK.

Step 15 : If any other taxes are applicable, select it following the same above procedure and click Create.

Step 16 : You can select the newly created tax structure and click OK to set selected tax structure as default tax.

Note: If you set up a default tax structure for your store, the default tax structure will be applied to all items.

Step 17 : Click Update to update business with default tax.

Item specific Tax Rate

Follow the steps below to setup item specific tax rates/tax structures .

Step 1 : From main menu options, select Products > Items.

Step 2 : Select an existing item and Modify or create a new one.

Step 3 : In Tax, click three-dotted button and select ‘Add New’ to create a new tax rate. Or select an existing tax rate from the drop-down to assign to the item. Click Update/Create to finish updating/creating an item.

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