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Create a new Order in AltheaSuite

If your customers are placing an order for items, you can capture the same in AltheaSuite.  To create a new order, follow the steps below:

Step 1 : Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2 : On the Admin Panel, navigate to Orders > Orders.

Step 3 : Click on + New button.

Step 4 : Enter the details of new order.

  • Invoice Date: Select the invoice Date. Refers to the Date the order was placed. This is an optional field.
  • Invoice Number: Enter the Invoice number. This is an optional field.
  • Due Date: Select the order Due Date.
  • Status: Select/assign the order status.This field tells about the current status of the order.
  • Linked Order: If this order is linked to any other existing order select the order number.
  • Tax : Select the Tax if applicable.

Step 5 : Select the Shipping Method. To add a new shipping method, follow the steps below.

  1. Click three-dotted button […], this will open Shipping Method page.

       2. Click Add Shipping Method to add a new shipping method.

   3. Enter the shipping method name. Set any color for this shipping method to easily               identify and click Create.

   4. Follow the same steps to add all shipping methods.

You can define shipping methods like Free Shipping, Flat Rate, Delivery, by Pickup in Store or any form of transport or for any specific carrier that you use to ship your orders. Examples of shipping methods also include Truck, Air, Rail Freight, etc

Step 6 : Select the Customer.

Step 7 : Select the items ordered. Scan the item SKU or select the item from the item name field.If you click on the item field, a drop-down list of your items will appear or you can type in the item’s name to find the desired item.

Step 8 : You can add order Notes (if any) to manage the order process.

Step 9: Pictures: You can attach single or multiple pictures of the product. These pictures will be displayed on the order approval page. Customer can view the pictures and picture notes on the order approval page.

Step 10 : Need Approval:  Before processing an order if you want approval from the customer mark this checkbox while generating an order. Customers will be notified through an email where they will get the option to approve or reject an order.

Note: This option is available only if Use Customer Approval Process is enabled

Step 11 : Once all the details to process an order is entered, click the Create button.

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