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How to create a Backorder

Backorder is an order that cannot be fulfilled now due to various reasons but still customer can request for the product when available again. It is a process to allow your customers to shop product when you do not have sufficient stock in hand. This article will take you through the process of Backorder in AltheaSuite.

Step 1 : Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2 : On the Admin Panel, navigate to Orders > Orders.

Step 3 : Click on + New to create a new Order.

Step 4 : Select the Status of this Order. You can add the list of required order Status by clicking on 3 dotted button.

Step 5 : Select the Customer who has placed an Order.

Step 6 : Select the items ordered. If you click on the item field, a drop-down list of your items will appear, and you can type in the item’s name. You can also type or scan the SKU in the SKU field to find the desired item. Change the item quantity if required.

Step 7 : Click Show Stock Availability to check if the ordered products are available with you.

You can also create the Order and then click on context menu to check Stock Availability.

Step 8 : You will get a confirmation message, click Yes.

Step 9 : You will get a list of ordered items with stock details.

Order Qty – shows the quantity of each item ordered

Invoiced Qty – shows the quantity which was already invoices to customer after placing an order

Needed Qty – If a manufactured item is ordered, this column shows the raw materials needed to manufacture the final product.

Available Qty – shows the item stock available in selected warehouse.

Short Qty – shows the quantity if Available quantity is less than Order quantity.

Pending PO Qty – shows if the purchase order is raised for an item

Pending Stock Transfer Qty – shows if the stock transfer request is raised for an item.

Make Request – shows if there is any make request created for an item.

Final Short Qty – If there is any Pending PO, Stock transfer or Make, all the pending quantity is considered to show Final Short Qty (Final Short Qty = Short Qty + (Pending PO Qty + Pending Stock Transfer Qty + Make Request).

Step 10 : You can use some filters to get the ordered product list.

Show Only Manufactured Items – gives the list of only manufactured items ordered

Do not Show Manufactured Items – does not show manufactured items ordered

Only for this Order – if this checkbox is marked, current order quantity is considered while creating a Purchase, Purchase Order, Stock Transfer, etc. Else Final short quantity is considered.

Evaluate all BOM levels – gives the list of all manufactured and raw materials.

Show only short items – give the list of items with short quantity.

Show costs – shows the item cost details.

Step 11 : Select the item and click Create Stock Transfer if you want to transfer the product from your other warehouse (you can also select any other option like Create PO, Create Purchase, etc based on your requirement).

Step 12 : In Stock Transfer screen all the items selected with Final short quantity will show up. Select the warehouse from where the product will be transferred in From Warehouse field and click on Save.

Step 13 : Close the Stock Availability for Order screen.

Step 14 : Click Create on New Order screen.

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