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How to Create Custom Fields for Items

You may find it useful to add some custom fields to your items . For instance, if you own a garment store, you may want to add an Brand, Size, fields etc.

Step 1.  Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2.  From the main menu, click Products > Items

Step 3.  Click on New button.

Step 4.  Scroll down and you’re going to see a field called, Item Fields. Click on Item Fields link.

Step 5.  Click New button in Manage Item Custom Fields manager.

Step 6.  Enter a Custom Field Name.

Step 7.  Select the Field Type – the type of custom field you are creating and click Create.



Creates a text box. This field accepts all data such as alphabets and special characters.


Creates a text box. This type of field accepts only positive numbers without decimal points (whole numbers).

Lookup Value

Creates a drop-down selection list. You can create a list of possible values for a custom-field of the type Lookup-value. Later, whenever a selection is to be made, a selection can be done from the available list of values

Date Time

This field allows you to select a date from the calendar.

Fractional Number

 This field accepts positive fractional numbers.

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