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Step 1 : Login to your AltheaSuite account.

Step 2: To create a new Purchase, go to Purchases > Purchases. Click on + New option.

Step 3 : Choose the supplier from the Supplier drop-down list.

Step 4 : Select the warehouse where you want to receive the stock.

Step 5 : Select the items to be purchased. If you click on the item field, a drop-down list of your items will appear, and you can type in the item’s name. You can also type or scan the SKU in the SKU field to find the desired item.

Step 6 : Enter the cost per item in Unit Price field and the quantity you are purchasing in Qty field.

Step 7 : Click on the Create button to save the purchase entry. 

Note: Creating a Purchase will increase the item stock in the selected Warehouse in Althea.

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