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Daily Collection_Excel Report

Daily Collection_Excel report will show the collection done in a selected date range through system and custom payment modes. 
This is a sample report output. Report can be downloaded to an excel.


Transactions considered in Daily Collection_Excel report:

Sales Invoice: All the sales invoices created through different payment modes will be considered in the report.
Canceled Invoice: The manually cancelled invoices will be shown as negative in the report. The cancel date will be considered to show the cancelled invoices. If the date range selected while running the report is the invoice canceled date, the canceled invoice will show in the report.
Sales Return: Sales returns created through different payment modes are considered in this report. Sales return amount is shown as negative. Sales return date is considered to show the sales returns.
Receive Payments: Payments received from customer through different payment modes are considered.
Receive Payments From Finance Agency: Payments received from finance agency through different payment modes are considered. Here, the Customer Name in the report will be the Finance Agency Name.
Order Deposits: Deposits received for Sales Orders through different payment modes are shown.
Order Deposits Returned: Order deposits returned to customer will show as negative.
Order Deposits Moved to Customer Account: Order deposits moved to customer account will show as negative under ‘Customer Account’ column.
Service Call Deposits: Deposits received for Service Calls through different payment modes.
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