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1. Creating your item import file

Step 1 :  Login to your AltheaSuite account. 

Step 2 :  From main menu option, go to Products > Items.

Step 3 :  Click on Download Excel Template option.

Step 4 :  Select the template option as per your business requirement and click OK.

Step 5 :  Open downloaded excel file and enter the details in your excel file as shown in this example file.

  • Category – Enter the item category. For example Cell Phones, Electronics, etc. This field is mandatory.
  • SKU(stock keeping unit) – The code that identifies the product within your business. If this field is left blank, system generates an SKU for the item.
  • Item Name – enter the item name. This field is mandatory.
  • Sales price before tax – enter item basic sales price (excluding sales tax). 
  • Sales Tax Name – enter the sales tax name. Example: VAT, Sales Tax.
  • Sales Tax Percent – enter the tax percentage in numeric form. Example: 2.5, 12.
  • Measuring Unit – enter item measuring unit. Example: Qty, Lb, Box, etc.

Note: The columns in excel will vary as per the template selected. You can check the column heading and enter the values accordingly.

Step 6 :  Save and close the excel template.

2. Import your item file

Step 1 :  Click Upload  Items option.

Step 2 :  Click Browse button to locate your excel file, then click Open.

Step 3 :  Click on Item Upload button. Your items will start importing and AltheaSuite will display a message once your import is done. If you have errors in your import file, error details will be displayed on bottom section.

Step 4 :  Your items should now be created in your inventory.

Note : If you already have an Excel file that was exported from another store or came from another source, make sure it matches the excel file format shown below. If the format doesn’t match, or if there are any missing headers, then the import will fail.


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