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Create a Custom Order Status

To create new Order Status, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your AltheaSuite account

  • Navigate to Orders > Order Status
  • Click on + New button.
  • Enter your Order Status ( New, Pending, Awaiting Shipment, etc) in order status Name field.
  • Pick color order status. Order status color helps you quickly identify an order’s status in the Althea sales order grid by configuring a color for each order status.
  • Assign employees to order status. You can assign an employee with each order status. When an employee login to Althea, by default they will be able to see the assigned status orders. They even have the choice to check other status orders.

To assign employee to order status, follow the steps below.

Select an employee from the Available Employee section and click on the Right Arrow (->) button to assign an employee to this status.

Assigning employee to order status
  • Once finished, click the Create button.
Order Management -> New Order Status Screen


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