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HDKOT app uses your smartphone or tablet to display order information in the kitchen/bar for preparation when an order is placed from the online store/ in-store . One can instantly send KOTs generated from online order to the kitchen for preparation.

  1.  Real-Time Orders display
  2. Route items to a specific area of the kitchen i.e. drinks station, dessert stations, food, etc. ·
  3. Get in-app notification on your android device each time an order is placed

Downloading HDKOT App

For IOS users

  • Go to App Store > search for Althea POS, and install the following app.

For Android Users

Go to Play Store > search for Althea POS, and install the following app.

Click on below link to download from Google Play Store


Instruction to connect HDKOT App with your Althea Suite Account

1. Run HDKOT App.

2. Click on the bell icon.

3. Click on + button

4. Enter KOT Subscription Code and click on Add.

To get KOT Subscription Code, log in to the Althea suite.

  • Select the business location, click on the three-dotted button [:]
  • Select the Additional Receipts option from the list.
  • From Additional Receipts screen, select additions seceipt setting and click on the three-dotted button [:].
  • Select View Receipt from the list
  • You will find KOT Subscription Code under App Notification Settings section.

To learn how to configure KOT in Althea Suite, please see the article Configuring KOT settings

Working in HDKOT App

It would be best to trial HDKOT app now to see if the basics are in place.

Click on the gear icon, and

From HDKOT Settings tap on ‘Test this app by generating random kitchen order’ option.

You will be prompted with confirming message, click Yes to continue. This will generate random KOT for testing.

KOTs: This option displays all the pending kitchen order token (KOT) for orders from online and instore.

All Pending KOTs
  • All Ready: Mark order as ready or not ready.
  • Deliver All: Click on Deliver All if all the items of a single KOT is delivered. Ready and Deliver option is also available for each item in a particular KOT, you can handle the status of each item included in a single order individually for instance you can mark an item as delivered, undelivered, ready, not ready.

All Items: This displays all the pending items from the orders.

Ordered Items

Completed KOTs: This will display the completed KOTs

Completed KOTs

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