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No Payment Gateway (Processing sale with Non Integrated Payment Gateway)

If you don’t have square account, this option allows you to process sales with non integrated payment gateway.

If you selected No Payment Gateway, next you will be prompted for Cash Register selection.

Select the Cash Register you would like to use.

Note: You will not be prompted for cash register selection, if you are switching between payment gateways.

Adding items to sales order

Add items from the list displayed on the left by tapping on them.

If you are prompted with negative stock warning message, tap Yes to continue, this will let you sell this item even though you do not have the stock available in Althea POS.

Removing Item from sales order

If you need to remove an item from the sale order, simply right swipe the product’s row and tap on trash icon.

 Adding a note about a product 

To add item note, simply left wipe the product’s row and tap on edit icon and select the note you want to add.

To Add New Note

  • Tap on Add New Note, you will be prompted with new screen.
  • Tap on plus button and type the note you want to add 
  • Tap on Add. Tap on back button to select the item note.

When all items are added, tap on Pay Now.

You will be prompted with payment options (Cash or Card). Select the payment mode to complete a sale.

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